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RainSava commercial

The RainSava system is suited to commercial facilities with larger roof areas, where greater volumes of rainwater can be collected to meet the facility water demands.

The RainSava system offers the perfect solution for preserving and utilizing a naturally occurring resource: rainwater. The RainSava Commercial rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection system offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to public water supply for non-potable use.

The RainSava system can be designed to meet the individual requirements of each individual business.  Anua offers a variety of systems include direct pressurized systems and an indirect gravity fed system.  The ‘direct’ system pumps water from the RainSava storage tank. The ‘Gravity’ system uses a header tank to store the filtered water from the RainSava tank and delivers the water by gravity to the required location.

Benefit statement

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RainSava Commercial benefits

  • Utilization of a valuable natural resource
  • Reduced potable water supply demand – Commercial developments have a greater requirement for non-potable water for uses such as toilet flushing and wash down which can be addressed through the use of collected rainwater
  • Financial benefits after converting to rainwater usage begin as soon as  RainSava is installed and operational – commercial water is metered and businesses have to pay for water used
  • Assists in reducing storm water run-off
  • Filtered rainwater can be utilized for non-potable applications
  • Low power requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Aids alignment with corporate social and sustainability responsibilities
  • Ease of installation reducing site costs through time and materials

Suitable applications

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The system is suitable for:

  • office buildings
  • warehouses and factories
  • industrial developments
  • schools and public buildings
  • farms and agricultural applications
  • housing developments
  • car and truck washes
  • garden centers and nurseries

How it works

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1. Collection

Selected surfaces collect the rainwater which then travels through standard pipework systems.

2. Filtration

Before being stored the water is filtered to prevent debris and leaves entering the system. The filtration selection is dependent on the particular requirements of the project.

3. Calmed Flow

The smoothing inlet calmer prevents turbulent flow in the storage unit ensuring a larger clear zone.

4. Storage

The filtered water is stored for a defined design volume and period. Typically the storage units are manufactured from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) configured for underground or above ground installation.

5. Delivery

Water is taken from the storage tank for usage via submersible pumps with floating suction filters attached. The fine mesh micron filter intake position is just below the surface of the water – this location in conjunction with the micron filter ensures delivery of the cleanest water possible.

6. Controls

The delivery pumps are controlled using combined pressure switches and flow controllers to activate the pumps according to demand, ensuring minimal energy usage.

In addition, a level control switch within the storage unit allows mains water top-up in accordance with BS EN 13076 when stored water is unavailable for the immediate demand. A Level Gauge to give a visual indication of the water level within the storage unit can be provided.

7. Overflow

During extreme rainfall events, the overflow unit allows discharge of excessive flows. The ANUA overflow unit provides a skimming facility which periodically removes pollen and other debris floating at top water level, which if retained within the storage unit can have a detrimental effect on the delivered water quality. The overflow arrangement should contain an anti-backflow capability to maintain the stored water quality.

The RainSava system is made up of a number of separate, high-quality components. Some are located in the underground storage tank, while the flow controller, mains water top-up assembly and the level gauge (if used) should be fitted in a convenient location within the building.




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Download brochure RainSava Overview Brochure (PDF)

Download brochure Rainsava Technical Specification (PDF)

Operations and support

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Anua has the products and expertise to tackle the most extreme sites and meet the most stringent environmental regulations. Our knowledgeable team members are here to assist you.

  • Free technical support and consultation during all project stages
  • Support and interface with state/province, county/parish, township, or local regulators
  • Excel spreadsheet packages for easy design
  • Product manuals and drawings in CAD or PDF
  • Presentations, webinars, and training on products or requested topics
  • Network of local distributors throughout North America
  • Network of authorized installers and service providers throughout North America

Anua has been in business in North America for over 20 years. This longevity and commitment to product and support quality gives our customers peace of mind in a turbulent marketplace.

To find out more, or to purchase our products and services, contact Anua today