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Water reuse

Anua provides watercapture and reuse solutions to maximize conservation and recycling by combining treated effluent reuse with rainwater harvesting.

We supply a complete range of solutions for green-build developers, builders, and homeowners who want to minimize demand for potable water by utilizing all available site water resources.  For example, drip irrigation systems allow the efficient reuse of treated effluent

We offer flexible options for water reuse systems and rainwater harvesting components for residential and commercial properties like single family dwellings, condominiums, schools, and office buildings. We also provide water reuse technology for various industrial applications.

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RainSava Residential

The RainSava system offers the perfect solution for preserving and utilizing a natural resource: rainwater. The RainSava Residential rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection system offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to public water supply for non-potable household use.

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Rainsava Commercial

The RainSava system is suited to commercial facilities with larger roof areas, where greater volumes of rainwater can be collected to meet the facility water demands.

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Treated Wastewater Reuse

With water scarcity, wastewater is becoming a significant source of water. Anua enables homes, commercial developments, industries and municipalities to leverage wastewater as a new water source.