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Salcor UV

The Salcor Model 3G is for the disinfection of effluent treated to secondary or tertiary standards. The unique Teflon cover keeps the UV lamp from fouling.  Salcor Model 3G may be installed in a pump tank or in the ground.  Properly installed, the unit is rated NEMA 6P and is capable of operating during short term submergence.  The Salcor Model 3G is both UL and cUL certified (US and Canada) under standard 979.

Benefit Statement

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– The disinfection subassembly causes the wastewater entering one side of the unit to flow vertically downward, make a 180 degree turn, and then flow vertically upward and out the other side of the unit. This well-defined flow path is designed to give the fluid proper exposure time and no short circuiting.

– The ultraviolet light source is surrounded by a clear fused quartz tube to control the lamp surface temperature. A clear Teflon™ film covers the quartz tube to minimize surface fouling. This design feature incorporates the

beneficial attributes of both quartz and Teflon™.

– Properly installed, the Model 3G unit is rated NEMA 6P, and is capable of operating during short term submergence.

Schematics and documentation

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Download Salcor UV Technical Spec (PDF)

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