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PuraSys SBR

PuraSys brings the reliability of proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology to the residential market and can be scaled up for commercial applications. It transforms an ordinary septic tank into a compact, advanced treatment unit. PuraSys offers a modular solution for space constrained sites or nutrient limited watersheds.

Benefit statement

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Why Choose PuraSys?


  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 245
  • Can be dropped into a standard septic tank to transform it into an SBR
  • Simple system uses no chemical additives, filters or fixed media
  • PuraSys can be installed through a standard 24″ or 30″ tank access port
  • Smart control panel which automatically adjusts aeration to water flow based on occupancy
  • Process control saves energy and prevents sludge bulking caused by over-aeration
  • Only input is air which makes operation and maintenance easy


Suitable application

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PuraSys’ flexibility offers many configuration options depending on the requirements.  Suitable applications include:

  • Residential new construction
  • Retrofit existing septic tanks
  • Commercial or community
  • Nitrogen sensitive areas
  • Very small properties

How it works

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The SBR Process

The SBR is a batch process, allowing the controller to fill the reactor and adjust aeration
to each batch. Since treatment occurs this way, nitrification and denitrification can
occur in the same chamber.
Adjusting aeration is important in small treatment plants because flows vary widely
and often. Too much air can lead to system failure through sludge bulking. The PuraSys SBR automatically recognizes when water is being used and adjusts aeration to
maintain a healthy environment for the proper bacteria to thrive.

PuraSys uses a step-fill SBR process, meaning that it fills the reactor
several times during each cycle. At the beginning of each step, water is brought from
the pretreatment to the reactor. It is then aerated for nitrification to occur. Water is
then brought again from the pretreatment to the reactor, bringing with it an anoxic
carbon source, ideal for denitrification. In this way, the step-fill SBR can attain high
levels of nitrogen reduction without an external carbon source.

Five Steps of the SBR Process

  • Filling- Water enters reactor from pretreatment.
  • Reaction- Intermittent aeration allows for aerobic and anerobic conditions which break down BOD and nitrogen.
  • Sedimentation- Solids settle to the bottom of the reactor.
  • Clear Water Discharge- Top portion of reactor (clear water) is pumped to effluent.
  • Idle and Sludge Return- The system waits for the beginning of the next cycle

Tertiary Treatment

PuraSys can be followed by the Puraflo polishing filter. Severe sites, environmentally sensitive sites, sites in watershed protection areas, or areas where effluent will be reused often require enhanced treatment.  This treatment will achieve a 5:5 mg/l BOD:TSS standard and significant pathogen and nutrient reduction.

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