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The PuraMax system is a proven product resulting from extensive research and development. PuraMax is engineered for community and commercial applications, including high strength waste establishments. The PuraMax recycled plastic biocarriers ensure stable and robust treatment. The total system footprint is smaller than most other treatment technologies.

Benefit statement

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Why Choose PuraMax?

  • Flexible moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) process
  • MBBR biocarriers are made from recycled plastic and provide high surface area
  • Prepackaged kits for easy installation in locally available tanks or for retrofit in existing tanks
  • Operates effectively under shock loading, underloading and intermittent flow
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proven process with simple operation and maintenance
  • Lower sludge production with no return-activated sludge required
  • Use of biocarriers improves retention of nitrifiers
  • Smaller footprint compared to conventional activated sludge systems

Suitable application

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The PuraMax moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) is an attached growth process

designed to achieve a high quality effluent within a small overall footprint.  Suitable applications include:

  • Commercial or community
  • High strength waste or pretreatment including convenience stores or restaurants
  • New construction or retrofit existing systems

Nitrogen sensitive areas

Small Grocery Store with Meat Market


How it works

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The PuraMax Process

1. Following a primary tank, biological treatment is provided by an attached growth

process. Recycled plastic biocarriers, suspended in the tank, provide large surface

area for bacteria to attach and grow. An aeration grid supplies oxygen to the biofilm,

along with the mixing energy required to keep the biocarriers suspended throughout

the tank.

2.The mixing and the intermingling of the biocarriers sloughs excess biofilm. The

treated effluent flows through a retention screen to a clarifier for solids separation.

Settled biofilm solids in the clarifier are periodically returned to the primary tank.

3.Total nitrogen reduction is achieved through the addition of an anoxic tank and

recirculation system or by the introduction of a post anoxic tank using carbon dosing.


Schematics and documentation: design information

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Schematic - Puramax 1

Schematic - Puramax 2 - smaller version


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Click the Link on the Right to Download: PuraMax Overview Brochure 

Click the Link on the Right to Download: PuraMax Technical Specification 

Operations and support

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Anua has the products and expertise to tackle the most extreme sites and meet the most stringent environmental regulations. Our knowledgeable team members are here to assist you.

  • Free technical support and consultation during all project stages
  • Support and interface with state/province, county/parish, township, or local regulators
  • Excel spreadsheet packages for easy design
  • Product drawings in CAD or PDF
  • Presentations, webinars, and training on products or requested topics
  • Network of local distributors throughout North America
  • Network of authorized installers and service providers throughout North America

Anua has been in business in North America for over 20 years. This longevity and commitment to product and support quality gives our customers peace of mind in a turbulent marketplace.

To find out more, or to purchase our products and services, contact Anua today