About Us

Anua is an American manufacturer of Clean Water and Clean Air solutions serving the Western Hemisphere. Our name is derived from the Irish word “athnuaigh” meaning “to renew”. We provide a variety of sustainable technologies that can be integrated to simplify life and complement the natural environment. Our team ensures this nature-friendly legacy continues by striving to be the most knowledgeable and people oriented in the industry.


Our mission is to “Own the Responsibility” for preserving our planet from environmental and human impacts. Through the symbiosis of technology, design, and collaboration, we strive to be industry leaders in championing a sustainable future for all.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about relationships and working with other human beings to ensure they experience positive outcomes for healthy living and a clean environment. Focus on self-sufficient water, an adequate food and energy supply, and responsible management of natural resources. Focus on individual and small community independent infrastructure, food safety, water quality, green living solutions, healthy housing, and resource reuse. Actively work towards the development and promotion of sensible, sustainable products or processes that foster a clean environment and community health in a robust, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Promote forward-thinking legislation, regulations, and policies to achieve health and environmental goals while ensuring the growth of small businesses.

Chief Financial Officer
Sean Martin
President, Business Development
Steve Miller
Vice President, Operations
VP Innovation and Manufacturing
Division Head - Clean Air
Operations Manager
Government Relations Specialist


  • We considered every possible treatment alternative. The solution had to be cost–effective for the residents, have innovative and effective technology to help acquire funding, satisfy Ohio EPA requirements and meet criteria for grants being pursued. [referring to Puraflo]

    Wayne Bishop, P.E. McCartnery Associates, Mannsfield, OH
  • Puraflo was the only logical alternative for these homeowners. The peat biofilter is ideal for intermittent use; the peat media has a projected lifespan of 15 years and is odor-free.

    Bob Carpenter Emmons Pump & Control
  • This system works well with very little maintenance. Our Field Operations team is very busy and this saves us a lot of time and energy [referring to Airashell]

    Doye Baker Town of Mooresville, NC Field Operator