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Over the past 25 years, Anua has built up a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the design,  manufacture and delivery of sustainable solutions in the Clean Air – Clean Water sector, all tailored to meet the requirements of the regulators and our residential, commercial, municipal/utility and industrial customers.

Our operations are built on efficient integrated internal structures providing the highest levels of customer service and quality.  The wide range of skills and expertise of our multi-discipline team and the continued focus on innovation ensures a flexible, competitive, confidential and customized quality service for the customer.  The future lies in our ability to innovate, always being outward looking, aware of the environmental and market needs and being responsive to them.

Industry & Regulatory


As an internationally recognized leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Clean Air and Clean Water solutions, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new and changing industry legislation and regulations, aiming to provide our customers with valuable knowledge and expertise on the markets we operate within.  We proactively work with state/province, county/parish, township, and local regulators on integrating our solutions within the regulatory framework.

With the plethora of federal, state/province, and local regulations, Anua will gladly assist you with technical questions, applications, support, and compliance.  We take pride in being the best regulatory resource for our customers.

Anua – every step of the way

Anua offer CEU’s (Continuing Education Unit’s) for various states, please call 1-336-547-9338 to find out more.