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Compact mónafil


Compact Mónafil is a zero-energy biofiltration system utilizing special media for the removal of odors. Compact Mónafil is unique technology and a cost-effective alternative to carbon or other similar products.

The properties of the granular high-density peat media have proven to be a key factor in achieving high performance removal and extended media life. Compact Mónafil also uses recycled seashells to maintain a neutral pH within the pre-packaged biofilter. The peat and shells ensure optimal odor control performance while simplifying operation and enhancing system reliability.

Compact Mónafil is based on technology that has been successfully used for over 20 years in odor control applications.

Benefit statement

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The Compact Mónafil system offers high performance with low operation costs. The benefits of the system include:

  • Passive system, no power required
  • Pre-packaged modules for easy installation
  • The media is resistant to breakdown, which provides long media life
  • No chemical or nutrient addition
  • Achieves >99% removal of H2S and greater than 95% OU/m3 dependent on the application
  • Excellent option to replace other organic media which suffer from short media life
  • The media is regarded as the best available technology in Italy following a seven-year trial and was used to replace the organic media used in other trial units
  • The media can be graded at the time of replacement and can be recycled and reused

Suitable applications

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Odor emissions come from a variety of sources when wastewater is conveyed and treated. Compact Mónafil is suitable for a variety of applications including:

  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • RV parks and campgrounds
  • Mobile home parks
  • Schools
  • Nursing homes
  • Other residential, commercial or high strength waste projects



How it works

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  • Containment

    Odors are emitted from air streams with Biofiltration System high concentrations of VOCs, sulfur and nitrogen compounds. Odor sources in the conveyance or treatment process must be located and contained. The odorous gases can then be ventilated from the source to Compact Mónafil modules.

  • Ventilation

    Depending on the concentration of odorous compounds and the volume of air to be extracted from each source, ventilation is achieved via ducting and/or extraction fans.

  • Compact Mónafil Biofiltration

    The waste airstream is directed to the interior bottom of the modules. The airstream flows through the recycled seashells, which provide pH control, and then through the granular high-density peat media. Beneficial bacteria reside on the peat media which provides optimal treatment through high porosity, water retention, high cation exchange capacity, high buffering capacity and a large surface area.






Schematics and documentation: design information

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Compact Mónafil Biofiltration Specifications
Maximum air flow per module 80 cfm
Average inlet H₂S 10 ppm
Module housing HDPE, UV resistant
Module dimensions 7.08 ft (L) x 4.58 ft (W) x 2.5 ft (H)

Schematics and documentation: design information

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Download overview Anua Compact Monafil (PDF)

Download Tech Spec Anua Compact Monafil (PDF)

Download brochure Anua One Sheet America (PDF)

Download brochure Anua One Sheet Canada (PDF)


Operations and support

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Wastewater treatment plants are highly technical environments, demanding specific professional skills from those who maintain, improve and manage the assets.

Anua have both the experience and the expertise to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service tailored to site specific odour control demands.

We have an outstanding track record in health and safety, and all the necessary accreditations for this type of work. See the About Us section to view our certifications.

To find out more, or to purchase our products and services, contact Anua today