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Anua serves four major markets and is committed to providing Clean Air – Clean Water with a range of innovative and sustainable solutions for on-site and decentralized treatment, water reuse, and chemical free odor and VOC abatement.

  • Residential – Prepackaged on-site treatment systems and water recycling solutions for owners and builders interested in capturing and reusing all available site water resources.
  • Commercial – Engineered packaged decentralized treatment systems, water recycling and chemical free odor abatement solutions especially suited for community and commercial applications in sensitive or pristine areas.
  • Municipal/Utility – Engineered chemical free odor and VOC abatement solutions for sewage treatment plants, manholes, or lift stations.
  • Industrial – Engineered chemical free odor and VOC abatement solutions for pharmaceuticals, food processing plants, or waste management facilities.



Anua is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of packaged wastewater treatment systems combined with dispersal.  Our reputation as a leader in environmentally compliant systems is evident in our portfolio of extreme site installations in sensitive areas.  Our sustainable solutions have unique aspects to them like:

  • Use of natural peat fiberor seashells media for biofiltration
  • Odor free and energy-friendly
  • High level pathogen and nutrient removal
  • Prepackaged systems using recycled materials
  • Suitable for LEED certification
  • Integrate water and air as resources to be harnessed, not wasted
  • Maintain performance even under stress conditions
  • Design flexibility combining various treatment “building blocks”



Anua provides a wide array of clean air, clean water, and water reuse solutions for commercial developers. Anua’s reputation as a leader in environmentally compliant systems is evident in our portfolio of extreme site installations.  We provide the best range of solutions to help the developer who:

  • Is developing commercial or residential property
  • Is developing property in highly sensitive areas with the need for watershed protection or control of air emissions
  • Is looking for a cost-effective, sustainable, and manageable systems
  • Is interested in customer satisfaction through water conservation, water reuse, saving energy, and protecting the public health and the environment
  • Wants to increase development  density in symbiosis with nature
  • Has been turned down for a permit and needs a different, more effective alternative
  • Wants to eliminate odor around a new or exisiting development



Anua provides odor control and VOC abatement solutions throughout the world for a wide range of applications.  Our unique biofiltrationtechnologies utilize natural materials such as seashells, a by-product of the food industry, and granular high-density peat.  Our solutions are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to carbon or other similar products.  They are simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.



Anua provides water reuse and clean air solutions to such industries as: pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, printing, coating, food and wood. Our high degree of expertise and technical knowledge enables us to create the most cost-effective solutions based on the particular need of the industry or client.